There are many solutions to the issue of resource depletion, but not all are very practical. As technology advances scientist come up with more and more ways to keep different resources from completely being depleted. One practical solution is to buy depleted resources from other countries that still have an abundant supply of them, however, this can get expensive. One more less practical solution is to discover different resources that produce the same actions and play the same roles as the depleted did, allowing us to use these alternatice resources so that we have a way to avoid having to buy or trade for expensive resources from other countries.

 If we want to live sustainably, we need to reduce the size of our environmental footprint. Innovation has increased the productivity of natural resources over time. We will need to find new sources of energy to power our lives without hurting the air. Smart consumers can reduce the use of new materials by buying products without extra packaging and investing in longer lasting products. 

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