Did you know what resource depletion is?
Basically resource depletion is the exhaustion of raw materials within a region. There are two types of resource which are renewable resource and non-renewable resource. When people are using these types of resources beyond their rate of replacement, it is considered as resource depletion.   
Over fishing is the cause of why many of the world’s fisheries are decline.

A lot of fish are being caught everyday.

Other than that most of forests are being lost at a rapid rate. This is due to a lot of logging activities nowadays.

There are a lot of logging activities.

Most people in this world live in countries where water is in scare supply. In almost all of these areas, water supplies continue to be overdrawn and polluted. 

Aquatic die due to air pollution

Another example of resource depletion is growing use of petroleum. As we can see petroleum is a finite resource which it takes millions years to create. It can lead to resource depletion if we are continuing using this.

Activity of mining

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